Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blast from the past....

Taking advantage of a few quiet months at the begining of the year, I threw myself into a bit of decorating. I had a nasty 70's fireplace to knock down, some plastering to be done and holes to fill in. So I set about it and have ended up with a plum suede effect room with some feature walls in lime green/metallic florals...sounds a bit mad but it actually works. I'm not too scared to try different ideas after being on 'Changing Rooms' a few years ago!! This was my dining room decorated by Linda Barker - I wanted an 'Enchanted' room and I certainly got one....
It actually looks really nice! It wasn't until a few weeks later that things were not quite right.....the table started to warp and the emulsion that was painted on the skirting boards needed to be repainted with 'proper' paint, apart from that I LOVED IT!

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  1. Gosh! Definatley like how it is now. I love the colours!!