Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Mad Hello...

Being a big fan of other blogs (especially creative soapmaking) I thought I had better jump on the blog train and go for a ride - it's a great way of showing some new experiments and telling a few tales!! So thought I would start off with some piccies of past things I have made and hopefully what I am going to be making....
I've been making cold processed soap for 4 years now, I became hooked after my daughter Molly was born with eczema, and I got so frustrated with just smothering her little body in steroid cream which I knew was not good for her long term - this is how my passion for natural toiletries started, and now at the age of 6 her (once) poorly skin is now manageable and completely under control.
I now travel around the country with my lil' stall and sell my soaps and skincare. The shows I love the most are events put on by a company called 'living Heritage'. I love the creative atmosphere of these shows and you can walk around and see people weaving, making pots, painting, glass blowing - wow...the creativeness of some of these clever and skilled people are inspirational!!
For the first 3 years of my soap making journey, I have been making soap with basic techniques and learning what makes a good soap, reading lots of books and doing lots of experiments. I have now for the past year, wanted to make more creative soaps with advanced techniques and be more inspirational with aspects of the packaging - I just love the rustic feel of homemade goodies!
I also have lots of fantastic shows & events to go to this year, and hopefully will sell some more soap to Princess Anne like I did last year (I may even ask for a photo this year)!! So am off to Sandringham Craft show next weekend with some new soaps that my friend Maria ( has felted for me - they look fabulous!!

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